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It seemed such a waste of space having a full size cot in our room for such a small baby. I designed this


. It is about half the size of a normal cot, yet is fine for a baby until they are ready to move into a bed. Its smaller size makes it erasier to fit into a parents bedroom. It has been 'de-featured' (it has no sliding side or moving base) to make it easy to assemble and obvious to use.

Like aother parents, we originally purchased a full size cot for our daughter Poppy when she was born. Like other parents, we found however, that our baby preferred to sleep in small spaces. Even now she is 1 year old, she sleeps accross the width of the full size cot. It uses a common baby mattress size. It has regulation height and bar size. Like the change table it can be quickly assembled from a flat package. Like the change table, it also has part lines in the style of injection moulded plastic parts to avoid the 'slab' look that flat packed furniture tends to have.

bassinet cot.jpg bassinet cot 2 baby cot