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This project, done while at KWA in Sydney was for a (pregnant) mother of almost two called Claude who was probably one of the most well rounded clients I ever met. She was well rounded in respect to all sides of the business idea. Most importantly she had a marketing background and had this very important area covered. Many clients seem to forget this area, and it is humbling to realise how much more important theproduct idea and marketing is than the design. A well designed product with bad marketing generally won't sell whereas a badly desined product with good marketing can do OK.
Claudes idea was for a

baby food container

for freezing home made food. Parents could cook the weeks food in one go and pour it into these trays, freeze them, then defrost portions as required. She had the recipes done by a nutrtionist, and packaged it all together to be sold into supermarkets at a very reasonable price. She got her photo taken for the packaging while still pregnant, giving the product a very authentic feel.

baby food container baby freezer container baby food container